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Name                   Klaus Dieter Kopf

Sex                      Male

Nationality          German

Date of Birth       August 26, 1955

Place of Birth      Würzburg, Germany

Marital Status     Married

Professional Experience


Apr 2015 - Present

beton + rohrbau C.F. Thymian GmbH & CoKG, Berlin Germany

Contractor Representative Jalilabad WWTP, Azerbaijan

Mar 2014 - Present

AMC Ltd Şti., Istanbul, Turkey

Own company, consulting, project management and business administration


  • beton & rohrbau C.F. Thymian Gmb & CoKG, Berlin, Germany
  • Country & Regonal Manager
  • WATERLEAU GROUP N.V., Herent, Belgium
  • Country Representative Turkey
  • Kary-Planaqua GmbH, Bremen Germany
  • Country Representative Turkey


May 2008 - Feb 2014


Stulz-Planaqua GmbH, Bremen, Germany, Engineering + General Contractor, Water Technology,

General Manager and shareholder of Turkish subsidiary. Key functions:

  • company establishment and general management,
  • business planning and financial reporting to holding,
  • company finance and accounting,
  • acquisition and sales in Turkey and MENA region for water and wastewater treatment systems, biogas and energy recovery solutions,
  • tender and bidding works incl. company and bid presentation and contract negotiation,
  • contract management for joint ventures, suppliers and clients,
  • commercial project management and joint venture leadership in Gaza and Jordan, value ER 50Mio,
  • branch management in Ramallah and Amman,
  • design and build of WWTP extension in Istanbul, EUR 6.5 Mio,
  • support to parent company for international contract matters and sales activities in Egypt, Bulgaria and Azerbaijan.

Feb 2007 - Nov 2007

  • planning, consulting and business administration services for private and institutional project developers in the environmental investments sector in Turkey

Jan 2006 - Jan 2007

Hans BROCHIER Holdings Ltd, Nürnberg, Germany, Pipeline, Energy + Plant Engineering

General Manager of the Turkish subsidiary. Key functions:

  • company establishment and general management of BROCHIER Int'l Plant Engineering Ltd Şti, Ankara,
  • business planning and financial reporting,
  • acquisition and sales activities in Turkey,
  • company presentation to municipal clients and local partner firms,
  • contract management for joint ventures,
  • completion of final acceptance of previously built wastewater treatment plants in Turkey.

1999-Jun 2005

Preussag Wassertechnik San.ve Tic. A.S., Istanbul, Turkey, Environmental (Water) Engineering and Contracting Company,

General Manager. Key functions:

  • company establishment and general management,
  • business planning and financial reporting,
  • leading the acquisition and negotiation for the B.O.T. financed extension (EUR 35 Mio) of the Ankara central wastewater treatment plant,
  • operation (12 months) of two wastewater treatment plants,
  • establishing business relations and alliances with foreign investors and exposure to a US based group of companies for infrastructure investments in Turkey and the region.
  • partnership with Canadian inverstor for MSW (municipal solid waste) conversion to energy projects in Turkey.


Preussag NOELL GmbH, Würzburg, Germany, Steel & Machinery Manufacturer,

  • Head Office Germany
  • foreign sales activities for cranes, steel bridges and hydro-mechanical equipment in South East Asia

Preussag Wassertechnik GmbH, Würzburg, Germany, Process and Plant Engineeering and Contracting Company,

  • Branch Office Turkey
  • commercial JV leadership for the construction of Ankara central wastewater treatment plant, coordination of all importation, management of all payments, coordination of joint venture partners and subcontractors, recruiting foreign and local staff,
  • establishment and operation of branch office in Ankara, Turkey, staff management and financial reporting,
  • acquisition and sales activities in Turkey, company presentation, exhibition and fairs,
  • bidding and negotiation of four additional wastewater treatment plant projects in Turkey incl commercial leaderhsip of execution of all works, total value of all works EUR 300 Mio,
  • contracting and management of partnerships and joint ventures,
  • participation in trade fairs,
  • sales activities in Jordan, bidding and negotiation for WWTP construction in Wadi Arab, Jordan,
  • estabishment and kick-off operation of branch office in Amman, Jordan,
  • foreign sales support to German parent for projects in South East Asia, i.e. Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore, incl. bidding and presentation of water treatment project in Poona, India,


German Chamber of Industry and Commerce, Bonn, Germany, and Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, Semi-Public German Trade and Industry Organization,

Deputy Delegate of German industry and commerce. Key functions:

  • advisory and support servces to German and Saudi business,
  • assistance to German economical and political delegations to Saud Arabia,
  • representation during trade fairs and exhibitions in Riyadh,
  • assistance in mediation of commercial disputes between German and Saudi companies,
  • production of a directory of German companies in Saudi Arabia.


Thyssen Rheinstahl Technik GmbH, Düsseldorf, Germany and Jeddah, Saudi Arabia - Major Steel  Manufacturer and Contracting Company,

Commercial Manager on Construction Site. Key functions:

  • commcercial management of the construction site and site offices of the general contractor (Thyssen) incl. site start-up of construction,
  • liasion and coordination with sub-contractors,
  • cash management and financial reporting to head office in Riyadh and Germany,
  • importation of goods and handling of letters of credit payments.


Zimmer AG, Frankfurt / Main, Germany, Engineering & Contracting Company,

Export Manager. Key functions:

  • coordination of all shipments from Germany and USA for the company's polyester polymer plant construction site in PR China,
  • supervision of all ship-loading in the ports of Hamburg and New Orleans,
  • preparation of all shipping documentation for transprt and letter of credit payment


Philipp Holzmann AG, Frankfurt / Main, Germany, Major Civil Engineering & Construction Company

Export Manager. Key functions:

  • coordination of all land transports to the company's construction sites in Saudi Arabia,
  • planning of truck-loading and preparation of export documentation.



Economics / Business Administration - University Würzburg and Berlin, Germany



German (native), English (fluent), Turkish (moderate)



Mr. Hartmut Schilling, Lawyer, Rosenheim, Germany

Mr. Hans Aumüller, GM and Board of RWE Aqua GmbH (retired), Recklinghausen, Germany

Dr. Klaus Husmann, CEO (retired) Preussag Wassertechnik GmbH, Kulmbach, Germany